Halloween Must-Haves For Happy Skin and Bold Makeup

Halloween Must-Haves For Happy Skin and Bold Makeup

By: Carolina Malis

Halloween is around the corner, and we’re getting ready to bring out our best costumes, are you? No matter what your costume style is, we can imagine there’s probably gonna be lots of makeup involved, and to help you both achieve your best designs and adequately remove it afterward — all while keeping your skin safe and calm — keep reading and find below our must-have Halloween Neogen picks! Plus, you’ll be able to get most of the items on this list with 30% off if you purchase during our Transitional Weather Sale!

Extra Slim Metal Maxicara

Lashes so long they’ll spook away all the ghosts of Halloween past. The Extra Slim Metal Maxicara's metal tip features 50-degree angle dents with a constant depth of 0.42mm to provide you with a perfect and neat application.⁠ Its 2.5mm powerful slim metal brush coats and pulls up each lash without clumping to create defined lashes without worrying about smudging, clumping, and smearing.⁠

RAAR All Day Color Pocket Eyeshadow - #3 Dry Rose

With this pocket eyeshadow featuring 6 shimmer, glitter, and matte shades, you’ll be able to play around and create countless looks, different textures, and a smooth finish. Plus, its hydrating formula decreases any visual creasing for a long-lasting velvety finish that will add a good quote of drama to your costume, no matter if day or night.

RAAR Shining Glass Lipstick - #8 Intense Red

Need a bold, statement red lip to finish up your costume? Or maybe a touch of fake blood to creep things up? Then RAAR’s shining glass lipstick in Intense Red will become your go-to this Halloween. Its highly pigmented texture, hydrating water-lock system, and oil-infused formula will provide you with not only intense color but also skin and lip protection.

Real Fresh Foam Heartleaf 

The rich extracts from this Heartleaf have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and ⁠antibacterial powers, and can lock moisture in, making it ideal ⁠for those struggling with dehydrated, sensitive, and ⁠acne-prone skin.⁠ Additionally, this cleanser consists of 60% Heartleaf Water instead of purified water + raw Heartleaf! This combo helps calm and soothe troubled skin to manage excessive sebum and unclogs your pores, so your skin looks and feels clean⁠.

Calming Cica Tree Micellar Cleansing Oil

Remember that, as important as nailing your Halloween makeup is, cleansing properly afterward is too! Us? We'll be reaching for our Cica Cleansers for sure for a soothing, hydrating, and nourishing post-Halloween double-cleansing session.

Carrot Deep Clear Oil Pad  

These will become your best buds to remove all that Halloween makeup! The Carrot deep clear pads are soaked in an oil formula made of carrot seed oil and exfoliating factors to help remove all makeup and quickly emulsify your skin without any stickiness or heavy feeling. These pads provide Hassle-free deep cleansing to keep your skin clean and healthy every day!⁠

All Day Locking Fixer  

Skincare technology that will keep our makeup put all night long? We're in! The All-Day Locking Fixer setting spray uses Polymers to set makeup and help it last longer. Best part? Our lab developed an advanced technology that allows the setting spray to not only lock in makeup for longer wear but also hydrate and nourish the skin without oiliness!

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RAAR Shining Glass Lipstick - #8 INTENSE RED