SUR.MEDIC+ 24K Gold Repair Ampoule 3.38 oz / 100ml

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★ 24K Pure Gold Ampoule Luxurious Illuminating Skin Care

A luxurious illuminating skin care with a combination of 99.9% pure gold and 600ppm gives a luminous, healthy appearance and radiant, firm skin

★ Peptide Firming Care

A combination of 10 types of peptide, hyaluronic acid, and collagen – peptides help form a protective layer; hyaluronic acid provides instant hydration; and collagen helps boost firmness

★ Gold Premium Skin Care for Illuminating Skin

A gold ampoule infused with various natural extracts that helps  to form a protective layer, provide hydration and boosts firmness, for a healthy, radiant skin


Key Ingredients

  • Gold helps improve skin elasticity,while nourishing the skin.
10 Peptide ingredients
  • Help regenerate skin cells, revitalize tired dull skin, while hydrating the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid
    • Three different types of hyaluronic acid-high molecule, low molecule, ultra low molecule deeply penetrate into skin, while hydrating and boosting skin elasticity.
      • Collagen ingredient helps improve skin elasticity, while firming and lifting the skin.
30 natural ingredients
        • Enriched 30 natural ingredients including Everlasting, Avocado, Lily, Baobab tree, Camelia, Lotus, Jojoba, Jasmine pamper your skin for healthier skin.



Pore Tightening

Skin Elasticity

Wringkle Improvement

Skin Barrier Improvement

How to use

After toning in morning and evening, gently apply an appropriate amount onto the entire face and neck.

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