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Article: V-day during the COVID era: self-care

V-day during the COVID era: self-care - NEOGEN GLOBAL

V-day during the COVID era: self-care

By: Carolina Malis


How to cope with V-dayduring the COVID era: self-care


Let’s face it, whether we do or don’t have a partner to share V-Day with, after the year we’ve been through we all deserve to treat ourselves to some extra love.


In the past, being single on Valentine’s Day was seen as a tragedy, but nowadays cupid’s day has turned into a day about love more than just couples and relationships, and that’s why no matter how or whom you spend it with, you can make a special occasion out of it.


With all the pressures we currently carry over our shoulders because of COVID, this upcoming V-Day will be a special one in many ways. For starters, most of the celebrations will happen at-home, which can be more challenging for some but at the same time, it will make this love-focused day a much-personalized one than we’ve ever seen before.



Over here, we’re pros at taking care andpampering ourselves all year round, and this week in particular we make it amust to build up the ultimate self-care occasion, why yes, we deserve it. Now,self-care looks very different for each person: some will take joy from callinga dear friend or family member, others from treating themselves to a nice meal,buying flowers, cook or bake for themselves or their loved one, a bubble bathsession, getting themselves some bling, drinking or sharing a bottle of wine,or even doing that thing they love that they’re ex just couldn’t stand, but nomatter where you stand on the spectrum, the final goal is to do something thatYOU love or makes you feel loved.


As you can imagine, over here at Neogen we’rebig fans of pampering ourselves with skincare, and while we have dozens offavorites we simply can’t live without, this week we shine the light over ourProbiotics line. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing for the occasion butit’s also a way of taking care of our skin now with a focus on the future. Aswe’ve always highlighted, skincare is about the products and ingredients youuse, yes, but also about preventing. Throughout history, some agents in thebeauty marketing realm have put out this idea that skincare is there to fixyour skin issues when the best thing we can do to actually protect our skin isprevent the issues from ever showing up, and when they do, we treat them sothey don't cause long-run damage, and that’s where our Probiotics line entersthe chat.

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