New Drop Alert: Meet Our Revolutionary V.Biome Collection

New Drop Alert: Meet Our Revolutionary V.Biome Collection

By: Carolina Malis

Skincare technologies evolve in a matter of seconds.

Every single day skincare developers discover new features, ingredients, or ways to deliver benefits to our skin through new formulations, and we’re not mad about it.

One of those recent discoveries is nanotechnologies, which according to researchers, have the potential to revolutionize the whole skincare industry in 2022.

Within the nanotechnologies spectrum, we find nano-capsules, and believe us, once you learn more about how they do their jobs, you’re gonna want them in your life.

Nano-capsules are tiny little particles that act as carriers for active ingredients that would otherwise be too hard to deliver to your skin without them destabilizing in the process.

But that’s not even the most interesting part; the nano-capsule surrounds the elements with a bio-compatible polymer membrane that releases the active ingredients where and when most needed,

so it’s basically an on-demand type of treatment. Being as small as they are, nano-capsules have the ability to penetrate way deeper than regular skincare particles, which can help provide your skin with more powerful benefits.

When a skincare product formulated with nano-capsules is applied on someone’s skin, the technology behind then will take advantage of the harm or pH imbalance caused by skin damage

and use it to release the nanocapsules active ingredients wherever your skin needs it the most, reason why, different from past technologies, nano-capsules can actively deliver ingredients in a more personalized way.

This doesn't mean natural ingredients are to be forgotten; botanical extracts are still a big part of what the skincare industry has to offer,

but with time science has shown us that the mix of both sides of the spectrum can truly work wonders for our skin,

special considering the great potential nano-capsules have to help relieve skin disorders such as allergies, dermatitis, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, eczema, and more.

After years of research, our talented Neogen lab took the leap and developed a full skincare line that uses nano-capsules to deliver deep and long-lasting hydration and soothing effects.

Our newest launch, the V.Biome collection, uses V.Biome Liposome™ to deliver active ingredients deeper, faster, and more methodically.

For active ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier effectively and to be absorbed deep into the skin to exert their efficacy,

the ingredients are wrapped layer by layer with a phospholipid and skin lipid-like component film identical to the skin structure and encapsulated in nanosize capsules,

which marks only the beginning of what nanocapsules can offer the skincare realm.

Ready to give it a try? Check out the full V.Biome range now available at!