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Real Flower Cleansing Water
Skincare with Real Flowers

NEO | TRENDING<br>Real Flower Cleansing Water<br>Skincare with Real Flowers - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Real Flower Cleansing Water
Skincare with Real Flowers

Let's admit, most of us dread and find our night-time make-up removal and cleansing to be more of a chore rather than something we look forward to doing.  With the faster paced, modern lifestyle, 24 hrs often seems to short to fit in some personal time after work or school. But we also enjoy looking fabulous at the office or in class, which makes it impossible to completely forego makeup application.  

And let's face it, most people aren't extremely lucky to be born with every day naturally flawless skin.  Even the most blessed skin could occasionally struggle with a sudden pimple, breakout, redness, darkened skin tone, dull complexion, and etc. because we are still only human.

But what if we came up with an easy, quick, and pleasant way to help your end-of-the-day cleansing routine as enjoyable as possible?  One of the most common reviews we hear about the Neogen Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water is that it provides such a pleasant and enjoyable cleansing experience while still effectively removing makeup and cleansing the face.  The real flower petals inside the products provide visually beautiful and relaxing entertainment to the eyes as it swirls and floats around every time you use the product. 

A micellar water-based, multi-function formula also reduces your makeup removal and cleansing time in half because it does both jobs in a one-step formula.   And the product is just as easy to use, just dispense the cleansing water onto a cotton ball or pad until it is fully saturated and start wiping your face.  For more stubborn and water-proof makeup, just leave the soaked pads on these areas a little longer to completely remove the stubborn makeup without any difficulties.

Real Flower Petals

Neogen Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water comes in Rose & Calendula

All Neogen Dermalogy cleansing products use a specially designed packaging which ensures all the actual natural ingredients stay securely within the bottle during the duration of use.  Specially designed mesh filter installed in all the packaging further prevents the actual natural ingredients from interfering or creating any obstruction when dispensing.  So with every use, you can feel the fresh delivery of actual natural ingredients every time you cleanse.

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NEO | VIEW<BR> Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose<BR> REVIEW BY Yeonjeong - NEOGEN GLOBAL
beauty blogger

Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose
REVIEW BY Yeonjeong

I wanted to see a cleansing benefit of this cleansing water, so I tested it to remove heavy and point makeup products like lip product, two different eye shadows, pencil eyeliner, and pen eyeliner....

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