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Article: NEO | PICK
Summer Fruits
Skincare Benefits

NEO | PICK<br>Summer Fruits<br>Skincare Benefits - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Summer Fruits
Skincare Benefits

Summer means the wider variety of fruit options available during your trip to the farmer's market.  You can smell sweetness in the air from the fully ripened berries of all sorts, peaches, grapes, citrus fruits, melons, and etc.  Let's talk about which fruits we should especially load up on during the summer.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, Oranges, Grapefruits, Limes, etc. are all fruits that fall under citrus fruits.  Most people may already know that these fruits usually contain a high abundance of Vitamin C which is both beneficial to our health and our skin.  Vitamin C helps brighten your skin and promotes clearer and even skin tone and complexion.  Studies have also show that Vitamin C may also play an important role in collagen production in our bodies which is what keeps our skin looking firm and youthful. 

Here are some amazing skincare products that feature the amazing benefits of citrus fruits that will keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful as ever!


Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, and most all berries are known to be super anti-oxidant foods.  The deep red to deep blue colors are not only vibrant and beautiful but are also caused by strong anti-oxidants called anthocyanins.  These are the anti-oxidants that create that deep color you see in berries and the deeper color berries, the more anti-oxidant strength.  Anti-oxidants play a big role in inhibiting oxidation, a chemical reaction that produces free radicals which leads to damages in our cells.  This type of damage also affects our skin health, eventually also determining how youthful and healthy our skin looks as we get older.  Unfortunately oxidation is an inevitable part as we grow older, so it is crucial for us to practice a healthy diet and consume as much anti-oxidant rich foods to counteract the effects of free radical damage.

Here are some skincare products that use the powerful anti-oxidant benefits of berries to help your skin fight against the harmful effects of free radical damage.

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