Tips and tricks to keep your skin balanced as we slowly go back to “normal”

By: Carolina Malis

It’s been… a special past 14 months if you’re an earth resident, to say the least. We’ve all learned how to adapt our routines, our lifestyle and enter survival mode when needed in order to stay healthy and safe. It’s been a year of learning to take care of ourselves but also each other, so even if you’re already fully vaccinated and starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel, we need to be careful because we’re still living with COVID around us.

With things getting better and summer rapidly approaching it’s safe to say little by little

we’ll start going back to our old routines, habits, lifestyles, and favorite things to do outdoors, and while we’re all here for it, there’s a chance you’ll see how your skin starts to freak out a bit! But it’s totally normal. Our skin is super smart but it likes consistency, so when factors like weather, air pressure, sun exposure, or humidity change, it's a bit of a shock to its system, so it immediately tries to adapt to the new circumstances and find its balance.

Going back to spend more time outside, eating out, walking and sweating more, exposing ourselves to UV rays, wearing masks for longer periods of time, and the overall environmental exposure can also take a toll on our skin, so don’t freak out if as you start going back to “normal” your skin starts acting weird, and instead follow some of these tips to make sure you make its adaptation process easier

Wear sunscreen and carry it around with you.
This is fundamental! If you let yourself not wear sunscreen when at home during the pandemic, pick up the habit and remember to apply it every single time you leave your house! And make sure to bring it with you so you can re-apply every 2-3 hours and remember to cover your neck, hands, feet, ears, and lips too. Pro tip? If reapplying is hard to remember, set alarms on your phone to remind you of it.

Not only refill your water bottle multiple times but also remember that summer is that time of the year when your skin requires not only moisture but also hydration. Invest in a good mask, moisturizer, or hydrating toner, and try to keep a mist on your purse to bring with you and splash your face with a hydration boost throughout the day.

Bring in the antioxidants
A serum - or any product really - packed with antioxidants can change your skincare game. Antioxidants not only will help to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day but will also protect it from environmental damage and help boost collagen production so harmful free radicals stay at bay and don’t harm your skin.

Remember to exfoliate
Don’t overdo it, but adding an exfoliation step to your routine will not only help keep your pores clean but also avoid maskne, which will be more prone to show up now thanks to the combination of high temperatures making us sweat and wearing masks more often as we spend more time outdoors. The final goal is to clean up clogged pores and remove oils that may result in acne.