V.Biome Line Full Set (V.Biome Infusion Serum, V.Biome Advanced Eye Cream, V.Biome Soothing Cream, V.biome Firming Cream)

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<V.Biome Line Full Set> 

+ NEOGEN DERMALOGY V.Biome Infusion Serum 

+ NEOGEN DERMALOGY V.Biome Advanced Eye Cream

+ NEOGEN DERMALOGY V.Biome Soothing Cream

+ NEOGEN DERMALOGY V.Biome Firming Cream



 V.Biome Infusion Serum
SWEETONE ingredient soothes stressed skin and reduces erythema, redness, and discoloration of irritated skin to make it healthy and even skin tone. It fundamentally solves the problem and restores the original bright and radiance!

 V.Biome Advanced Eye Cream
Due to the decrease in collagen(which supports the structure of the skin, makes the skin firm),  this eye cream intensively fills the collapsed skin with various peptide components to revitalize the appearances and provides solid elasticity.

 V.Biome Soothing Cream
V.Biome Soothing Cream that moisturizes and hydrates deep within to prevent moisture loss. A light textured cream that delivers fast absorption with full hydration for a healthy supple glow! Improvement of alleviation of blemishes/dark spots on the face (when used 5 times). The number of UV spots showing blemishes / blemishes / dark spots decreased by 3.2% after 5 uses and 4.7% after 4 weeks of use compared to before use of the test substance!


V.Biome Firming Cream
V.Biome Firming Cream that provides intense elasticity and firming inside out supplies skin with 10 layers of moisture for intense skin-firming effect in just 5 days and intensely nourishes for visibly supple firmer younger-looking skin! 



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