SUR.MEDIC Super Glutathione 100™ Bright Skin 145ml

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Sur.Medic Super Glutathione 100™ BRIGHT SKIN 145ML

Formulated with glutathione that adds vitality to the skin. Also contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid that balances the moisture in the skin and adds a protective layer of the skin barrier to keep the moisture. It balances out the oil and water levels in the skin and keeps the skin hydrated at all times. 

Key Ingredients

  • restores bright and lively skin and brightens dull and sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Pearl Extract

Vitamin C



    Skin Barrier


    How to use

    Use morning and night. Apply an appropriate amount of toner on a clean face and lightly pat into skin until fully absorbed.

      • A white, milky skin toner that brightens and clears dull skin!

        Keeps the skin refreshed and moisturized. It brightens dull skin tone to reveal a clear, shiny and luminous complexion.

      • Contains glutathione and brightening ingredients for clear, radiant skin

        Features a triple brightening system that includes spot care, brightening and skin tone improvement with orange extract, lemon extract, and pearl extract to achieve bright, clear and even skin tone.

      • Uses ‘oil loading system’ for a smooth finish

        The "oil loading system" forms a protective layer over the skin to help moisturize dry skin, maintain the water and oil balance in the skin, and promptly supply the skin with active ingredients to keep it moist and smooth.

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