SUR.MEDIC+ Super Peptide 100 Collagen Lifting Serum 1.69 oz / 50ml

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Super Peptide 100 Collagen Lifting Serum
Treatment for fine lines and wrinkles

  • Peptide complex works to rejuvenate and firm skin lacking firmness and elasticity.
  • Collagen-supporting ingredients helps firm and plump skin's appearance.
  • Elasticity-supporting collage-formulated with hydrolized collagen 200ppm that helps with skin elasticity.
  • 10-type peptide-10-types of peptide helps with intense hydration and firmness.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin types- Dermatologists tests for sensitive skin.
  • #Firmness #Nourishment #All-in-one Elasticity Care #High Concentrate Texture #Intense Hydration #Change in firmness and elasticity with just one bottle.

Hydrating and corset-like texture of Peptide 100 Collagen Lifting Serum

"Firms and provides instant nourishment"

Corset-like Serum

A multi-serum that hydrates, firms and protects the skin

It is supercharged with 2 types of collagen that firms the look of skin, 10 types of peptide that helps strengthen skin improve elasticity, as well as AQUAXYL that provides hydration.

  • Provides collagen for fragile-looking skin.
  • Nourishes and restores firmness!
  • Various natural ingredients for healthier-looking skin.

Key ingredients of Super Peptide 100 Collagen Lifting Serum

+2 types of collagen: Combination of high and low molecules of collagen improves skin elasticity.

+10 types of peptide improves skin elasticity and provides hydration.

+Collageneer: Improves firmness and elasticity for a healthy-looking skin.

+Aquaxyl Derived from a combination of European birch tree xylitol and glucose from wheat.

+Panthenol Delivers hydration and radiance to skin and prevents loss of moisture and helps hydrate and lock in moisture.

10 Peptide Firming & Hydrating Solution

10 types of peptide build protective barrier for fragile skin and help turn into a healthy-looking skin.

POINT 01 2 types of collagen #Solution for elasticity

POINT 02 10 types of peptide #Restores elasticity #Strengthens skin barrier

POINT 03 Various natural ingredients #Intense hydration #Strong layers of hydration

POINT 04 Firming Serum #Corset-like texture #Smooth skin

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