SUR.MEDIC 24k Gold Caviar Repair Ampoule Stick 1.8g

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A Concentrated Premium Gold Ampoule Stick Enriched With A Whole Ampoule!

> A mixture of 99.9% pure gold gives you firm and luminous skin, providing radiance and improving skin by detoxifying. A nourishing ampoule stick enriched with a whole ampoule that helps absorb gold ingredients into the skin, allowing anyone to experience a fast and easy home care.

Key Ingredients

  • penetrate deep into the dermal layers to compete with positive ions in the body to boost skin tissue
  • detox the body to give your skin a clear and glowing complexion.





    How to use

    1. Click the bottom of the applicator to slightly remove the ampoule and gently apply an
    even amount onto the skin.

    2. After applying, rotate back the bottom and close the lid.

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