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YooHyeon's Best Friend Set with Photocards +5 (Real Niacinamide 15% Serum, Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine ,Hyal Glow Rose Essence)

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<YooHyeon's Best Friend Set with Photocards +5>

+ Real Niacinamide 15% Serum (30ml)

+ Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine 6.76 oz / 200ml (30 Pads)

+ Hyal Glow Rose Essence 160ml / 5.41 oz

+ Jiu&YooHyeon Photocards +5


 ★ #2  Real Niacinamide 15% Serum ★ 




A triple function serum containing 15% Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid and Alpha-bisalol to brighten the skin, lighten pigmentations and control sebum production for a blemish and pimple-free skin.




 ★ #2  Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine★ 


Exfoliation that is so easy, convenient, effective yet gentle.

Patented hypoallergenic cotton gauze pads provide a dual texture layer to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, excess sebum, and impurities and softly wipe away exfoliated skin to even out textures while delivering skin benefiting ingredients in the process.

Soaked in a wine serum containing potent antioxidants like Resveratrol; these convenient cotton gauze peeling pads will leave you skin looking smoother, brighter, tighter, and healthier.




 ★ #3  Hyal Glow Rose Essence★ 




"3 types of damask rose ingredients"
All In ONE Essence!

Damask rose water, Damask rose extract, Damask rose flower oil

A big-sized essence infused with damask rose that hydrates and helps balance the skin. Experience the subtle scent of Damask rose flower oil derived from the Bulgarian Damask rose. Formulated with 74% of Damask rose water that hydrates the skin. Infused with 1,500ppm of Damask rose extract derived from the Bulgarian Damask rose.

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