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NEOGEN DERMALOGY Intensive Collagen Peptide Neo Toner 4.65 oz / 140ml + 1g

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This Collagen Lifting Neo toner comes with a Pure Collagen Powder to deliver fresh benefits, while helping to stabilize ingredients. This freshly-made toner delivers intensive Firming, Lifting and Refreshing benefits to help enhance Elasticity and Firmness of sagging skin

Skin firming ingredient, Collagen :
It is highly concentrated with skin firming ingredient, Collagen, which helps firm the skin and improve elasticity.

Double benefits of firming and lifting :
Collagen Peptide helps firm the skin, while delivering a lifting benefit to sagging skin to restore skin elasticity.

 Do-It-Yourself to create the freshest toner! ♥ 

1. Pour the whole freshest 100% collagen powder into the toner and shake it before each use! 
2. Mix this toner with the powder with your hand prior to use!


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