This or That: what’s the right formula for me?

By: Carolina Malis

There’s a chance you’ve found yourself on that spot where you don’t really know which out of two products is the right skincare choice for you. There are just so many categories out there that it can get hard to pick and choose your next skincare holy grails.

Your skin, my skin, and everyone else’s is completely different, and that’s truly the beauty about skincare! Not one formula can really fit 2 people exactly the same, so you need to listen to your skin and figure out what it may need.

But if you’re feeling a bit lost, and trying to decide which of our products are the Marco to your Polo, keep reading to find out how some of our most popular formulas compare.

Essence vs Toner

  • Real Ferment Micro Toner
    Think of our already beloved essence but make it gently exfoliating, cleansing, and balancing. This mildly acidic soothing toner formulated with 90% Bio Ferment Complex - to improve and strengthen your skin barrier - and AHA/BHA/PHA/LHA complex to gently yet effectively cleanse away dead skin cells and pick up pore residue left over after cleansing, will leave your skin moist and illuminated one swipe at a time.
    On top of that, this toner is not only hydrating but can also help with dullness, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, sebum control, sagging skin, and premature aging! A true multitasker

  • Real Ferment Micro Essence
    This all-time fave will take honey skin to the next level. Formulated with more than 93% of micro bio-fermented complex, including Bifida ferment lysate, saccharomyces ferment filtrate, rice ferment filtrate, and aspergillus ferment, this refreshing formula is made to moisturize, hydrate, and brighten the skin for a dewy, healthy, natural glow that lasts all day long. This fragrance-free, deeply hydrating, and brightening essence features more than 93% naturally fermented ingredients, and it’s full of natural brighteners, antioxidants, and cell-communicating ingredients that plump up your skin from within.

Bakuchiol v/s Vitamin C

  • Real Bakuchiol Firming Serum 10%
    The newest addition to our skincare family! This firming serum is formulated with Bakuchiol, and in case you're not familiar with it, this plant-based ingredient is known for its powerful anti-aging and firming benefits, and its capability to boost collagen production, the reason why it's known as nature's retinol. But that’s not it! Its formula features an antioxidant multivitamin complex and 5 types of plant extracts - such as azulene, lavender oil, aloe vera leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil, & eggplant extract - to promote skin cell turnover. This glorious formula is also packed with patented ingredients such as Lupin Peptides and Hydrolyzed Lupine Proteins to promote collagen synthesis, and Vitamin C to revitalize skin.

  • Real Vita C Serum 22%
    This serum takes things far and beyond, and you’ll witness that power since the very first use. Enriched with 22% Vitamin C complex and niacinamide, this effective, powerful serum helps reduce and calm blemishes, brightens dull, opaque skin, and nourishes tired complexions to reveal the healthy-looking skin that’s been hiding under layers of dead skin cells. It also features collagen and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and smoothing effects, so it’s truly a dream for those with dry, dehydration-prone skin types.

Original v/s Airy

  • Day-light Protection Sunscreen
    The best seller of bestsellers, and one of our bullet-proof products, the original Day-light Protection Sunscreen is more of a lightweight, creamy formula that combines sun protection with moisture and all-day hydration. This mineral sunscreen provides your skin with broad-spectrum SPF 50/PA +++ protection, and delivers a fluid-like consistency without silicones or leaving behind a white cast, which makes it an ideal pal for those with dry and/or dehydrated skin types. Moreover, added extracts such as rose and raspberry help nourish the skin from within with antioxidants and further protect it from UV-induced signs of aging.

  • Day-light Protection Airy Sunscreen
    If your skin is on the oily side, then get ready to meet the sunscreen of your dreams. Newly added to our collection, this lightweight, essence-like formula features 20 types of plant extracts to soothe, moisturize, and help control sebum production, all while keeping your skin hydrated and plump even under harsh sunlight. Similar to our already best-seller original sunscreen formula, this non-greasy, lightweight texture will provide you with an airy finish without stickiness, protecting your delicate skin from harmful UV rays and giving your face a radiant matte effect that can also work as a primer for oily skin.