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Men's Skincare


Men's Skincare

So what are the skin perks you can enjoy as a man?  Well, there's quite a few, lets see what they are!

You think you're tough? That's a yes and a no.

Men on average, have thicker and firmer skin than woman. This means that men are less vulnerable to the fine lines and wrinkles that women tend to experience as they get older. This is due to a higher collagen density which is directly related to visible signs of aging in the skin.  Dermatology experts often say the male's skin is about an average of 15 years younger than a female's skin of the same age.  Thicker skin also helps reduce the visibility of any signs of aging and photo damage in men's skin compared to women.  But it is important to understand that these natural perks are just slight skin advantages men have compared to women and not invincibility.  

Men are equipped with somewhat more protective, stronger, and tougher skin but the damages of sun will still damage your skin and overall accelerate visible signs of aging in your skin.  So sorry, you are not excused from skipping SPF but we are letting you skip the annoying process of having to struggle to find the manliest SPF that will suit your manly dermis.  See what SPF products we recommend for your manly skin and why.

Neogen Dermalogy Day-light Protection Sunscreen


It packs a long-lasting formula with the ideal broad spectrum UVA,UVB protection strength of SPF 50, PA+++.

It applies light and absorbs clean.  This means that it won't clog your pores, make you oily and cause breakouts.  You can also avoid that feeling like you're wearing anything on your skin because it absorbs clean and refreshed.

The formula works right away to start protecting because it uses a mineral(or some call physical)-based SPF ingredients like titanium dioxide which is ideal for the men who hate to wait.

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