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Real Cleansing
with Real Ingredients

NEO | SPOTLIGHT<br>Real Cleansing<br>with Real Ingredients - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Real Cleansing
with Real Ingredients

People often look for strong cleansing products, especially during the summer season or if they are suffering from excessively oily skin.  But another thing people overlook when searching for an effective cleanser is the cleansing ingredient that is used to deliver the cleansing benefits.  Many companies use high amounts of alcohol and acids like salicylic acid, which commonly cause irritation to the skin as well as stripping more than necessary nutrients and moisture from the skin.  

But Neogen Dermalogy approaches effective cleansing through use of skin-friendly natural cleansing ingredients in which you can often see through the use of the actual ingredients within the formulas.

Real Flower Petals

Neogen Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water comes in Rose & Calendula


Real Fermented Natural Ingredients

Neogen Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Cleanser comes in Cranberry, Blueberry, Green Tea & Cereal

All Neogen Dermalogy cleansing products use a specially designed packaging which ensures all the actual natural ingredients stay securely within the bottle during the duration of use.  Specially designed mesh filter installed in all the packaging further prevents the actual natural ingredients from interfering or creating any obstruction when dispensing.  So with every use, you can feel the fresh delivery of actual natural ingredients every time you cleanse.

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NEO | PICK<br>Real Natural Treatment<br>RE:P Bio Fresh Mask - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Real Natural Treatment
RE:P Bio Fresh Mask

Many people engage in various routine activities like yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and etc. to help regain that sense of balance and zen in both their body and soul.  The same treatment is nee...

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NEO | VIEW<BR> Gold Black Caviar Tox Tightening Pack<BR> REVIEW BY Michelle Winter - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Gold Black Caviar Tox Tightening Pack
REVIEW BY Michelle Winter

Gold. Black. Caviar. Oh my goodness, it just screams luxury, doesn’t it?I think I’m going to marry this kit. I don’t know how I ever managed without it. If you suffer from redness or dry or dehydra...

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