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Selfridges UK
K-Beauty by Neogen

NEO | EXPOSURE<br>Selfridges UK<br>K-Beauty by Neogen - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Selfridges UK
K-Beauty by Neogen

Selfridges department store has always been the go-to shopping destination for finding the trendiest, in-demand, trendy designers and labels for both fashion and beauty.  In the recent years, Selfridges have worked closely with many trendy make-up brands and have been the launching platform for many new makeup brands and new beauty collection launches.  It has built a reputation as the retailer that is always offering the latest brands and an exclusive shopping experience to its customers and shoppers.

So it was only a matter of time for Selfridges to jump on the K-Beauty wagon through their special K-Beauty section which was launched just last month in June.  In time of summer season, Selfridges demonstrated a new and refreshed beauty section both online and in their stores with the additional K-Beauty section.  Within the K-Beauty section, Selfridges curated the most popular K-Beauty brands that offers shoppers with a selection of the most globally trending Korean beauty brands and bestselling products.  

And Neogen is especially one of the most noticeable brands in this K-Beauty section where you can find not only one Neogen brand but many different Neogen brands. Starting from Sephora USA favorite Neogen Dermalogy to Home Shopping favorite Neogen Code9 as well as the Cruelty-free favorite RE:P.  


If you are in London, stop by the Selfridges department store to check out the K-Beauty section in the beauty department.  Browse through the amazing selection of Neogen brand products to experience the K-Beauty trends yourself!  If London seems too far for you, there is no worry as you can also browse Neogen brand products on!

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