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Article: Back to the Naturals
Eco & Animal Friendly
Skincare RE:P

Back to the Naturals<br>Eco & Animal Friendly<br>Skincare RE:P - NEOGEN GLOBAL

Back to the Naturals
Eco & Animal Friendly
Skincare RE:P

While the world is getting further and further away from environmental stability, people are starting to become more conscious of the importance of eco-friendly practices in hopes of preserving a beautiful future. The RE:P brand represents this movement of promoting a more eco and animal friendly practice on a daily basis through the everyday skincare routine. 

RE:P stands for Real Elemental Practice where it tries to promote a skincare lifestyle that is always conscious of the environment and promoting a skin-friendly future. Not only do they use naturally derived ingredient formulas, most of the packaging is also eco-friendly and recyclable materials.  Thinking of not just application of eco-friendly efforts during use but even after you are done using the products, ensuring a full cycle of sustainable practice and further reducing our carbon footprints.

Through the everyday routine we all take part of, such as the application of any type of skincare, RE:P strives to motivate and inspire people to organically and naturally engage in an eco-conscious practice through harnessing nature's ingredients packaged with thoughtful environmental consideration.

Also through multi-purpose skincare solutions that combine multiple skincare functions in one product, RE:P helps conserve time and reduce waste.  This allows even those with the busiest modern-day lifestyles to be able to automatically fit everyday environmentally smart practices.

RE:P utilizes many natural ingredients as is without processing or modification like you can see in the unbleached, raw organic cotton toning pads.  Also in the real hand crushed herbs visibly embedded within the bio-fresh masks.  Carefully selecting truly skin beneficial ingredients from nature without addition of any skin irritating, harmful chemicals; RE:P skincare delivers a skincare experience as natural as your skin.   And always including naturally soothing, calming, cooling and balancing ingredients; it intends to make your skin feel back at it's ideal comfort zone.  With RE:P, we believe skincare should make you feel naturally beautiful with real skin benefits.  

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