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Article: NEO | PICK
50hrs of Skin Volume!
NEOGEN Code9 Black Volume

NEO | PICK<br>50hrs of Skin Volume!<br>NEOGEN Code9 Black Volume - NEOGEN GLOBAL

50hrs of Skin Volume!
NEOGEN Code9 Black Volume


We all know that berries are a great source of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants are essential in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals.  But isn't it also odd that the dark pigmented berries like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries are also the ones that have especially strong anti-oxidant benefits? Well it isn't a coincidence, it is because they all contain anthocyanins which is that naturally occurring dark pigment that causes that rich dark pigment.  And anthocyanins also happen to have powerful anti-oxidant properties. 

The Black Volume Cream is formulated with a total of 119 natural ingredients in which 49 are anthocyanin ingredients derived from natural black ingredients like blackberry, blueberry, black currant, black sesame seeds, and the list goes on.  

And to go even further, the formula incorporates a Tri-phase waterblock system where the natural ingredients are encapsulated with alpha lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid. This helps the ingredient benefits penetrate more effectively while simultaneously creating an absolute moisture barrier while the formula constantly pumps moisture to the skin. 

The unique gel type texture is 100% moisture and 0%oil and has been tested for skin irritation to be non-irritant for the skin, which makes it ideal for all skin types.  The black volume cream has also been clinical tested for 11 different clinical tests that show improvement in the skin including skin moisture levels, complexion, wrinkle visibility, and the impressive moisturizing strength that lasts up to 50hrs after application!  

Consciously made free of 20 skin harmful ingredients like paraben, sulfates, salicylic acid, perfume, and etc.; the black volume was intended to be a skin-friendly as possible.

So are you ready to try this skin volumizing moisture bomb?  Feel the moisture that glows on for 50hrs with the Black Volume Cream!


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