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Article: #SKINTALK I My Night-Time Pore Routine

#SKINTALK I My Night-Time Pore Routine - NEOGEN GLOBAL

#SKINTALK I My Night-Time Pore Routine

 It’s not difficult to maintain healthy pores! Lor shares great tips about pore care, showing her nigh-time pore routines through steps of cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating. Let’s watch and learn all about a healthy and clean pore maintenance!


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#SKINTALK I Importance Of Pore Care - NEOGEN GLOBAL
clay mask

#SKINTALK I Importance Of Pore Care

What are pores? We have approximately 4.9 million pores! Lor explains about pores, and shares effective skin care steps and tips to manage healthy pores, recommending perfect Neogen products for cl...

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animal friendly

#SKINTALK I Re:p Brand Intro

We are so happy to introduce our natural & smart skin care brand, Re:p! Re:p is only leaping bunny certified k-beauty brand that pursues to create eco and animal friendly products with eco cons...

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